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Ek speel ook fotograaf

I realised the other day that photography is more than just capturing a moment, it is the need to frame the world around you. Close to my Boyfriend’s house there is a road that yearns to be photographed. It has an amazing view on the N1 with Table Mountain in the background. Every time  I drive home I realize that I am busy framing that space, and it needs to be photographed. I will get to it soon. In the meantime here are some of my older photographs.

My brother, Stefan Steenkamp,  is actually the professional photographer in the family, but for my 21st birthday my family gave me my own toy to play with.


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2 thoughts on “Ek speel ook fotograaf

  1. Sjoe. Almal is besonderse foto’s. Baie goeie portretwerk.

    • Anneke on said:

      Baie dankie. Ek is maar nog redelik nuut met die hele fotografie ding. My passie is eintlik om te skryf- maar in daardie tussen fases wanneer ek ‘n bietjie inspirasie kort, dan is fotografie perfek!

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