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Show me the Write way

At the moment I am going through a bit of a crisis. I have absolutely no certainty regarding my future profession.

I want to write


I want to make money

Now, those two things do not go together.  Although I am still studying I want to start making money so that I won’t be a complete failure with a degree. I don’t know how much a BA Humanities Degree means these days, because I cannot apply for any jobs reflecting my intellect. Not that I think waiters and cashiers don’t think or aren’t clever. I just feel that at the moment, something BIGGER awaits me. Something that will change the fact that I feel inferior about my writing.

I will write. Even if it just ends up being for myself.


I need a job, and I need help with that!

So if you happen to have any contact in the following industries: please email me;

Fictional Writing


Article Writing

Translation Afr/Eng

Internships at magazines

Bookshop casual

Photography assistant

Internships at newspapers




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2 thoughts on “Show me the Write way

  1. Marisha on said:

    Ann… Everyone our age is going through basically the same crisis.Luckily were still young enough to kinda ride these out a bit, so no need to panic my talented friend. Go out looking for your dream job and keep pursuing it until you get it.I promise you, once you have it, money wont matter as much…. so go find your wings.Cant wait to see you fly!!!

  2. Hey anneke, my suster is ‘n editor(?) (ek dink) by Randomhouse in kaapstad. Ek weet daar is ‘n internship program, weet nie of dit is wat jy in gedagte het nie, maar inbox my as dit is

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