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Today I have a lot of mixed feelings. I have this HUGE project that has to be handed in today, and I must say that it is not going great. So I am obviously excited to finish it so that I can spend time with my friends BUT… the event I will be going to tonight is a farewell dinner.

One of my best friends from res, Michelle, is going back to Namibia after four years of studying accounting. Time has flown by so fast that it feels surreal for her to leave.  But I will have to spare all the nostalgia and sad vibes for a bit later. Okay, first I have to finish the project otherwise there will be no crying and goodbyes. 🙂

Before I put myself in Robot-mode, I need some inspiration…

My beautiful friend Michelle:

I wish I had long red hair to do this with. It looks awesome!!! Will try it when my hair is longer! I scooped this inspiration from the blog of Elsie, a beautiful mess.

Just a reminder to myself that I WILL see Incubus live at some point in my life!

How cute is this!

Ooh, after all these projects – I need to relax a bit…Somebody tell me where this bath is. I want it. 🙂


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