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I feel like I have a work hangover. It is a weird sad feeling. I know I still have loads of work ahead of me, but I decided to take a few days off after handing in my last Unisa assignment on Tuesday. I just don’t like the in between period while someone is marking my work, it makes me feel vulnerable. BUT I now have the chance to do all those other things that I’ve wanted to do while having to work. They seem less important now, but at least I have a choice. Hehe. I plan on catching up with some reading, writing, sleeping and friends.

So to feel less weird and vulnerable, some inspiration for the day!

Wow, look at this picture, doesn’t just urge you to write a story?

Oh my goodness! How cool are these next two images? I would die to have either of those rooms in my house some day! Being surrounded by books really inspires me and makes me extremely happy, even if I do not finish most of the books I begin to read.

Don’t you just want to be this girl, in this dress, with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Oooh, pretty.

This picture resembles the personal creativity. I used to have a little box like this, I should find it and fill it with all things personal en sentimental!

This room looks great and spacious with a lot of natural light!

This is a great Lentil Soup recipe featured on 101cookbooks. I love following this blog for all the fresh and interesting ideas and food combinations. I love lentils and cooking so now that I have more time, why not… Visit the blog for the full recipe here.




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