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Lookbook looks of the day

Since I have been studying and writing for the past few weeks, I feel that it is time for some visual stimulation and style!

Really loving this look. The colour combination is awesome and not too overpowering. The button up collar looks great paired with the knitted scarf, it gives a feminine edge. And don’t you just love the decorations in the background?

Look at these great accessories! And the setting of this shoot, awesome.

Don’t know what I love most; this look or the wall behind it.

I really like this girl’s hair. I’ve been growing my hair for a while now, but it is taking sooo long.

How cool is this Maxi Dress?

Ooh, hard-core. And a way to wear old shirt without looking tacky. 🙂

I absolutely adore this photograph, and look how cute it is that the buttons line up. Loving this whole outfit!


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2 thoughts on “Lookbook looks of the day

  1. Cute blog, I love all their styles! (:

  2. Anneke on said:

    Thank you Cathy! This blog will have a lot more activity soon! Lookbook is so addictive, I find other ‘normal’ people to be my greatest style inspiration! 🙂

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