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Inspiration for the day

I feel like I have a work hangover. It is a weird sad feeling. I know I still have loads of work ahead of me, but I decided to take a few days off after handing in my last Unisa assignment on Tuesday. I just don’t like the in between period while someone is marking my work, it makes me feel vulnerable. BUT I now have the chance to do all those other things that I’ve wanted to do while having to work. They seem less important now, but at least I have a choice. Hehe. I plan on catching up with some reading, writing, sleeping and friends.

So to feel less weird and vulnerable, some inspiration for the day!

Wow, look at this picture, doesn’t just urge you to write a story?

Oh my goodness! How cool are these next two images? I would die to have either of those rooms in my house some day! Being surrounded by books really inspires me and makes me extremely happy, even if I do not finish most of the books I begin to read.

Don’t you just want to be this girl, in this dress, with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Oooh, pretty.

This picture resembles the personal creativity. I used to have a little box like this, I should find it and fill it with all things personal en sentimental!

This room looks great and spacious with a lot of natural light!

This is a great Lentil Soup recipe featured on 101cookbooks. I love following this blog for all the fresh and interesting ideas and food combinations. I love lentils and cooking so now that I have more time, why not… Visit the blog for the full recipe here.




Sagra Foods Twitter Prize: Loison Pasticceri Dal 1938

At last it has happened. I WON SOMETHING.  At random as it may feel, in relation to all the competitions I have entered before, I deserve this. So this morning I went to fetch my Prize from Sagra Foods SA. They are known for importing all kinds of premium food products.  When arranging the logistics of receiving my gift I spoke to a wonderful lady named, Mandy. They are very friendly and you can buy their products at the factory shop in Lansdowne. Visit their site for more information.

                                                                                    The Taste of Italy made in Italy.

That is the slogan of   Loison, and I cannot wait to taste the  Panettone Slices. Wait what? Yeah I must admit, I had no idea what Panettone was. It made me feel a bit guilty to win.  I thought it was some sort of Fruit Cake. Luckily the cookbook that is part of the prize, has a whole section explaining the history of Panetonne!

A bit of history if you are interested:

“On the longest night of the year a rich bread was made as a good luck charm for the new year. The ingredients were honey, dried fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts- archaic symbols of lasting wealth.  What cake is more democratic than the panettone? Born out of love of bread and attention to time, it unites the sacred and the profane, tradition and innovation, the sweet and the savoury. It reconciles concepts of the aristocratic and common, citizen and peasant, classic and contemporary, simple and elaborate. It has the same humble origins of bread, but in the belly it conceals the rituals and theatricality of the holiday season”. – Barbara Carbone e Dairo Loison

In light of the history and background of this treat, I could not help to get excited about the recipes including this delicacy. In the spirit of the holiday season I will have to try out some of these rather intricate recipes. If you are feeling inspired you can get the book Mille e un Panetonne  from

Apart from the 3 slices of Panettone (that I am reserving for a high tea occasion or just a midnight binge) I received some Christmas tree decoration as well. I love these, they look so delicate and festive. What surprised me more is the beautiful box that it came in. I love the historic yet personal look to it.

Thank you Sagra Foods for the great gift, I will be sure to enter much competitions in the future. Especially now that luck is on my side.

Online Writing Courses

Since the end of the year is almost in site I thought it might be time to start thinking about next year.

In addition to my Honours Degree through Unisa I am also busy studying through SAWC and I would strongly recommend them. At the moment I am looking into online courses for Copywriting and Journalism.

I thought I would just share some info that I found, that I am considering. If you have any thoughts about this, please let me know. I would love to get some advice regarding online courses in SA as well as Internationally. It is important to choose the right one, otherwise I will just be wasting my time.
This is a great site with a wide variety of options:
Any advice and links are welcome.

Chicken Chickpea Jalfrezi

I came back from the supermarket with a lot of new ingredients that I haven’t cooked with yet. Who am I kidding, I haven’t really cooked at all, but I am starting to fall in love with it. I have a few great Cookbooks, one of them Fast Food written by Gordon Ramsay, one discussing the basic and another one focused on healthy foods.

What you will realize about me and cooking is that tomato is a no no. It will not happen, I do not care how crucial tomato is as an ingredient… I will find another way. I also realized that most recipes have tomato in them, bleh.

Today I was torn between cooking a Haddock dish with some sweet potatoes, coleslaw and a three bean salad. Then I wanted to make a chicken curry with some spinach. I also bought some beetroot and chillies as well as cabbage.

I then realized that it is okay not to use all the ingredients, there are still a lot of other days where I can experiment. I decided to combine a Chickpea Curry recipe with a Chicken Jalfrezi recipe, and this is what I came up with.


1 tsp sunflower oil

3 garlic cloves

1 onion, sliced

2 tsp ground cumin

2 tps curry powder

1 red pepper, deseeded and diced

small green pepper, deseeded and diced

2 green chillies, deseeded and diced

500g chicken breast diced

1 can (400g) chickpeas

1 cup chicken stock

 Step 1:

Heat the oil in the pan. Add onions, garlic and brown lightly. 1-2 minutes on a medium heat.

Step 2:

Add the chillies and peppers to the pan and fry for 5 minutes. Add half of the Chicken stock. Put your stove on a higher heat and add the chicken. Leave it like this for about 5 minutes.

Step 3:

When the Chicken is lightly browned add the rest of the Chicken Stock and spice with salt and pepper. Turn the heat down and add the Chickpeas. Let it simmer for about 15minutes.

There you go, in three easy steps you have a great spicy curry meal.

– instead of using chicken stock you can use a can of tomatoes.

– If you want to make it a vegetarian dish substitute the chicken with some sweet potatoes and butternut.

– If you feel the need for some carbs you can add rice to this dish.

So this is what it looks like:


When you get too busy doing nothing

I am very ashamed to say that I have completely neglected my blog!

After watching Julie & Julia for the first time I got totally inspired with the passion for food, love and life. I do not know why I have been distracted with worrying about the things I cannot do. Instead, I have to focus on what is important to me.

It has always been writing, but with the passion comes the fear. The fear of failure, of course. If I do not take a chance I will not know. Recently I have also started cooking. I am still very very average, but I find it is an adventure as well as a form of relaxation. And the good thing is that you can get better and better at it.

So I am not promising go have posts every single day, but I needed to share that I feel inspired again. Maybe like Julie Powell, I need to find something that I can finish…


Ek speel ook fotograaf

I realised the other day that photography is more than just capturing a moment, it is the need to frame the world around you. Close to my Boyfriend’s house there is a road that yearns to be photographed. It has an amazing view on the N1 with Table Mountain in the background. Every time  I drive home I realize that I am busy framing that space, and it needs to be photographed. I will get to it soon. In the meantime here are some of my older photographs.

My brother, Stefan Steenkamp,  is actually the professional photographer in the family, but for my 21st birthday my family gave me my own toy to play with.

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