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Having my wisdom teeth removed

Last Thursday I went for the operation to have my wisdom teeth removed. The funny thing about this story is that the previous Thursday I intended to go to the dentist because of a mild tooth ache.

In one week’s time I had 5 cavities filled up and a bed booked in the Monte Vista Day Clinic. It turned out that the pain came from my wisdom teeth pressuring all the other teeth to MOVE. The bad part is that I actually waited quite a few years to go to the dentist because of my silly fear. I can now say that I really do have the friendliest dentist in the world. He is passionate about his work and aware of the patients needs and phobias.

So while I am typing this I am still sitting with an Ice Pack around my head and my mouth halfway open breathing like a special needs child. BUT there are a few things that made this past week bearable and I want to share them!

1. Family- They took their time to nurture, sympathize and make jelly and mash

2. Boyfriend- Even though he had no choice he watched series with me and rubbed my back and bought me the glamour.

3. Glamour: I see the Glamour as a mini treat in between all the jelly and drinking yogurt your mind craves a bit of soul and fashion food as well. This month’s Glamour really helped me take my mind of the aching!


4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Since I have never watched this movie before, I could not think of a better time. I loved it!! I love the style and the attitude!

5. My friend Debre- Even though she has a lot of things going on in her life- she made time to come and visit me. Although she told me that I was looking the worst that I have ever looked, she said it with a comforting smile. Not only did her presence cheer me up but she brought a whole goodie bag with chocolate mousse and drinking yogurts and the Cleo magazine. Thanx Debre, you are the best!

6. At the times when I felt super alone and ugly my doggie Zoey was right by my side.

So I am not going to lie, I am really sick of mashed potatoes and drinking yogurt. I am not super swollen anymore but I am still not ready to face anyone since I can only manage to pull half a smile. Haha. But soon I will be ready to take on the cookie cupboard, soon my pretties.



The Magic of Music

Since I am working a lot more than usually, I have yet again become addicted to the drug of the masses. It is normal to crave certain types of music on particular days. Today I was blown away by the more serious deep and powerful songs on my playlist. You know, those songs that make you stare into the distance and just zone out, until you snap out of it and just continue working. I just wanted to say thanks to these songs, for making me dream.


1. Yeah yeah yeahs- Runaway


2. The Young Heretics- Lost loves


3. 30 seconds to Mars – Hurricane


4. Blue Foundation- Eyes on fire


The King’s Speech

I heard about the hype around this movie. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I thought it would be perfect in structural and historical sense. Little did I know…

That this movie would drive me to laughter and tears and complete satisfaction. I have a weakness for the elderly, they don’t even need to be that old, but if older people are struggling with things it really hits me.

This movie was worth every minute because of the following reasons.

Colin Firth’s acting is brilliant. This Movie looks behind the curtains of the royal lifestyle. The time and setting of this movie made me fear a clichéd war theme But that is part of what made it so brilliant. The viewer gets to see what goes on behind the scenes. One has the chance to witness the vulnerability of leaders, as well as their determination, strength and guts.

The theme of equality through friendship within this movie is also presented in a fresh way. The cinematography is brilliant, you can almost feel the struggle within the characters.

This movie influenced me in a way that I want to ask everyone: What is your excuse?

We all have our issues and problems, but at least no one is expecting as to lead a country. We do, however have control of leading our  lives and if we don’t achieve our dreams we cannot blame anyone other than ourselves.

This is a must see. Rating 9/10


Black Swan

Thomas Leroy: We all know the story. Virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a swan. She desires freedom but only true love can break the spell. Her wish is nearly granted in the form of a prince, but before he can declare his love her lustful twin, the black swan, tricks and seduces him. Devastated the white swan leaps of a cliff killing herself and, in death, finds freedom.


Die oomblik wat ‘n mens uit die movie uitstap, is daar geen twyfel dat die movie uitstekend is nie.

Sonder dat jy bewus is daarvan versprei die movie en die simboliek daaragter soos ‘n virus deur jou liggaam, en as jy weer in die spieel kyk is jy siek, van binne en buite. Dalk oordryf ek ‘n bietjie- maar almal wat al gely het aan ‘n swak selfbeeld- sal presies verstaan wat ek bedoel.

Die play of verhoogstuk van die movie is deel van elkeen van ons se lewens. Elke mens het ‘n swart en wit swaan, en n mens voel tog ‘n mens het ‘n keuse oor watter een blootgestel word aan die wereld. MAAR NOU wys die movie vir ons dat albei kante met oortuiging oorgedra moet word, maar sodra die donker wakker word sal dit die lig in jou wen.

Alhoewel daar volgens die play vryheid deur die eventual selfmoord kom, is die boodskap nie juis positief nie. Dit laat ‘n mens dink oor die perfeksie van jou eie lewe. Ons almal is dalk nie so hard op onsself soos ballerinas nie, maar speel ons ooit die hoofrol in ons eie lewens?

Die swart swaan in my het vandag ‘n bietjie oorgeneem, die donker is tog meer flirty en aantreklik.




Some of the bands I HAVE to see live

1. Mumford and Sons

2. The Kills

3. Yeah yeah yeahs

4. Dresden Dolls

5. Biffy Clyro

6. Tv on the radio

7. Incubus

8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

9. Placebo

10. Coldplay

Ek het seker nou een of ander band uitgelos wat ek gewoonlik claim een van my favourites is, maar hierdie bands is wat ek nou voor in die mood is. So as enige iemand ooit vir my ‘n festival wil reel, dan sal ek dit waardeer as dit die line up is. hehehehe


Love and other drugs

Ek en Niel het Saterdagaand die movie gaan check. Vir ‘n verandering het ons nie eers op Imdb gegaan om te check wat die ratings is nie, maar net gehoop dat dit ‘n goeie movie gaan wees. Ekt op ‘n interview op E! gehoor dat Anne Hathaway baie gewig verloor het omdat sy redelik insecure was oor haar lyf omdat daar baie nudity is in die movie. Wel ek moet se- ek kani help om te fokus op daardie deel nie- sys super baie naked. Hehe, dis seker kewl vir die ouens, maar ek moet se- die movie was nie vir my so goed nie.

Wat wel vir my uitgestaan het, is dat die karakters en storielyn vir ‘n slag redelik oorspronklik was. Vir ‘n slag was daar bietjie gepraat oor ander tipes siektes as die gewone depressie of memory loss- wat movies mos so sad maak. hehe

Gyllenhaal se karakter raak op ‘n besigheidsvlak dalk net bietjie te lucky, en seks vat dalk meer die fokus as ‘n drug, as wat  liefde doen. Die movie het sy funny en goeie tye, maar oor die algemeen kan ‘n mens dit maar eerder op Dvd check terwyl jy besig is om iets anders te doen. Ek gee dit 6.5. Hier is ‘n interview met Jake en Anne.



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