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Lookbook looks of the day

Since I have been studying and writing for the past few weeks, I feel that it is time for some visual stimulation and style!

Really loving this look. The colour combination is awesome and not too overpowering. The button up collar looks great paired with the knitted scarf, it gives a feminine edge. And don’t you just love the decorations in the background?

Look at these great accessories! And the setting of this shoot, awesome.

Don’t know what I love most; this look or the wall behind it.

I really like this girl’s hair. I’ve been growing my hair for a while now, but it is taking sooo long.

How cool is this Maxi Dress?

Ooh, hard-core. And a way to wear old shirt without looking tacky. 🙂

I absolutely adore this photograph, and look how cute it is that the buttons line up. Loving this whole outfit!


Today’s Favourite Lookbook Looks

This whole look  is just perfection and it seems effortless. I think everyone should have a look similar to this in their cupboards. Whether you prefer a loose-fitting or tight sweater. The jewelery is not too much and the clutch bag brings a bit of colour to the casual. Olivia’s hair and laid back attitude completes this look. When you love what you are wearing, wear it with confidence! Check out more of Olivia and her style here.

This look from Kani is so patriotic. It is fine if you are focused on the trends around you, but there is nothing so trendy and special like adding your own personal touch/history of heritage to your overall look. I love the fact that these pants don’t kill the rest of the look. And how cute are the mini tarrot cards accessory? Check out more of Kani here .

Ooh, now here a perfect example of what to combine. The look is filled with light and heavy balanced out. The scarf and the jacket in the light pink and white works well with the denim shorts by shifting your attention up and down. The shoes are quite heavy but they are balanced out with the hat and handbag combination. Loving it Jennifer. Check out more of her looks here.

With this look I love all the different pattern combinations. Once again this is balanced out well with the white sweater as centre. The printed collar picks up theme again and with the small details in the shoes this look is very well-rounded. See more of Camille’s look here .

This outfit is so playful. The interesting cut of the top makes it less over powering. The colour of the hat is picked up again in the details of the pants. My favourite part of this look has to be the handbag. Chloe, even though you live in Melbourne, I will come for that bag. 🙂 See more of Chloe here.



Inspiration for the day

Hey all! If there is one thing that frustrates me, then it is problems with the Internet. I realize now that I am more addicted than I thought. Our Internet was not working last night or this morning up until  now and I did not know what to do with myself. At one point I even played Solitaire :O SO, I think it is quite important that I do something non-technological this weekend.Something that will benefits others, and something OUTSIDE. Looking forward to this weekend

Plans for the weekend:

Meeting with my friend Marisha. She is a fellow blogger, and I am expecting great things. Will do a feature on her soon!

Watching series,eating pizza and chilling with the boyfriend for our 3 years and 7 months

Hopefully going to Uitsig Animal Rescue to lend a hand.

Having a braai at Louis’s house for his birthday

Sunday: Family braai at our house

1. Happy Birthday to my friend Daniel Hofmeyr


Birthday Celebrations this weekend:

So cute!

You will not believe it- but this post took 6 hours. I was unable to insert images in WordPress. But no one likes someone who complains the whole time. So yay for me for seeing it through. Just one hour until it is the weekend! Hopefully I will have a lot of time to blog this weekend! xxx

My favourite lookbook looks today

I always find my fashion inspiration from Lookbook, not that I am daring enough in the least to actually wear similar clothes. Fashion really is a form of art, and I have great respect for those that use their bodies as a canvas. I always promise myself that I too, would one day be fashionable. 🙂

If you haven’t heard about Lookbook before, be sure to give this site a look. Extremely pretty and fashionable Normal  people like you and I get the chance to photograph and post the clothes and accessories that we are wearing. This way you can create an album of all you best looks and outfits and inspire others to buy that daring item in the shops.

So in the future I will be posting my favourite Lookbook looks for you to browse, who knows I might be featuring your look next. 🙂

1.What I love about this look is that it looks effortless yet detailed. The style is perfect for people with a petite built and you can make it your own by adding different accessories. Check out the rest of Ericke’s looks on lookbook here.

2. This is solidly about the shoes, not only are they my favourite colour, but the I love the added bow, it softens an already sharp/hard looking shoe. View the rest of her looks here.

3.How cute is this? It looks professional but still approachable. I Like the collar and cuff details and it is paired perfectly with the necklace. View more of Joanknee C ‘s looks on Lookbook, here.

4.This look by Christine is super cute and old school. I have always been a fan of the school uniform look. If you want to pull off a similar look, keep the length of the jersey and the dress in mind. You want to go for innocent school girl not vintage grandma. I love this haircut as well. View more of Christine’s looks here.

5. And for a bit of fashion man-candy. This guy,Adam, seriously has impeccable style, the perfect hair and an attitude that bursts through the photographs, whats not to like? View his ‘wardrobe’ here.

So that is 5 of my favourite looks for today to inspire you mid-day shopping(I’m still in my Pj’s and have no money to shop so someone has to).






Inspiration for the day

Today I have a lot of mixed feelings. I have this HUGE project that has to be handed in today, and I must say that it is not going great. So I am obviously excited to finish it so that I can spend time with my friends BUT… the event I will be going to tonight is a farewell dinner.

One of my best friends from res, Michelle, is going back to Namibia after four years of studying accounting. Time has flown by so fast that it feels surreal for her to leave.  But I will have to spare all the nostalgia and sad vibes for a bit later. Okay, first I have to finish the project otherwise there will be no crying and goodbyes. 🙂

Before I put myself in Robot-mode, I need some inspiration…

My beautiful friend Michelle:

I wish I had long red hair to do this with. It looks awesome!!! Will try it when my hair is longer! I scooped this inspiration from the blog of Elsie, a beautiful mess.

Just a reminder to myself that I WILL see Incubus live at some point in my life!

How cute is this!

Ooh, after all these projects – I need to relax a bit…Somebody tell me where this bath is. I want it. 🙂

A Birthday Gift for the Boyfriend

Last week I photographed one of my friends, Debre Stone so that she could compile a creative Birthday gift for her boyfriend. She got the idea to make an original Birthday Card by browsing some sites on the Internet.

We had a lot of fun taking the pictures and had some music in the background to loosen things up. But if you know Debre, you would know that she is a bundle of energy and is unbelievably photogenic. She has this natural beauty and her quirky side is one of the reasons why she is such an important person in my life.

Since I was busy with a lot of work Debre decided to edit the photos herself and did a great job. This is what her final product looked like:

Since I told you that she is very photogenic I should probably show you the rest of the photos that I took. Sometimes I cannot get over how beautiful my friends are. 🙂








Wedding in Delft

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph the Wedding of our Housekeeper’s daughter. Our housekeeper, Bettie started working for us when I was still very young. She plays such an important role in my life.  She lives such a humble life and is satisfied with the smallest things. In her community Bettie is everyone’s shoulder to cry on and she never says no to a friend in need. Her house in Delft is called home by three families, yet she never complains. I have tremendous respect for this woman, who cannot read one word but makes the greatest meals and always has a smile on her face.

When I heard that her daughter, Michelle, was getting married I offered to take the pictures of this special day. Even though I am not a professional, I felt the need to give something back.

The budget for the wedding was very small so my mother and aunt said they would help with the flowers and driving the goodies and people to and from the church. Being in Delft was such a humbling experience. It was great to see a couple marry for love and not for the decorated promises of love.

The cute kiddies

The great part was to experience celebration in a complete different culture. I was amazed at how inviting all the people were to us strangers. At the ceremony my dad and boyfriend joined and they were also welcomed with open arms. A custom that I quite admire was that each guest gets a chance to say a few words to the newly weds in private, and they give their gifts personally. That shows that all the guests approve and bless the new union. The whole day was very religious and they have a lot of respect for the priests, who are handled as guests of honour.

It was wonderful to experience a day in Bettie’s life and celebrate her daughter’s happiness with her. I owe Bettie so much for helping me grow up and teaching me to appreciate the small things.

Show me the Write way

At the moment I am going through a bit of a crisis. I have absolutely no certainty regarding my future profession.

I want to write


I want to make money

Now, those two things do not go together.  Although I am still studying I want to start making money so that I won’t be a complete failure with a degree. I don’t know how much a BA Humanities Degree means these days, because I cannot apply for any jobs reflecting my intellect. Not that I think waiters and cashiers don’t think or aren’t clever. I just feel that at the moment, something BIGGER awaits me. Something that will change the fact that I feel inferior about my writing.

I will write. Even if it just ends up being for myself.


I need a job, and I need help with that!

So if you happen to have any contact in the following industries: please email me;

Fictional Writing


Article Writing

Translation Afr/Eng

Internships at magazines

Bookshop casual

Photography assistant

Internships at newspapers



72 hours in Loevenstein

Ek het wel nie na die spot toe gegaan wat my smeek om ‘n voltydse fotograaf te wees nie,maar wel daar verby gery- so het so vinnig moontlik dit probeer vasvang. Iets aan daardie laan maak my net so opgewonde en lus vir die lewe. Het sommer net besluit om my kamera saam te vat toe Niel ‘n ent wou gaan ry. So dit sal alles seker baie beter lyk as mens uit die kar uit klim en regtig ‘n mens se tyd vat. So hier is die speedy weergawe van een van die ‘fotogenieste’ strate in Bellville.

Picnics, Bubbles and Caravan Cats



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