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Where was I?

I am not going to make any lame excuses for not posting more regularly. Something that used to be a passion of mine, is now actually my job. Yes, you heard right! Every day I scout the interwebs for all things fun and interesting as Social Media Managar of Brand Avenues. 

Brand Avenues hired me as an intern in January and since then I have grown to love this online glossy very much! I started out writing a lot of content but soon realized that I love interacting with others online. At the moment I am responsible for the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as Google + pages. It is a great learning experience and I am enjoying every moment. 

I still feel that it is important to express myself away from work so I still want to keep this blog going! I am trying out new hobbies and different things- I want to start saying YES to life and healthy living. So feel free to follow me on this journey! 🙂 

The Brand Avenues Website:


I think it is a great idea to publicly announce or rather, reveal my goals. This way you can hold me accountable- even if you are on the other side of the world. I don’t want to start too big. Setting smaller goals will keep me motivated. 


1. Learn more about social media


2. Eat healthy, lose 5kg


3. Exercise 3 times a week


4. Try out one DIY project/recipe per week


5. Grow our online presence (work)

6. Appreciate the people around me

Okay, let’s see how it goes! Great to be back. 🙂 


Inspiration for the day

Hey all! If there is one thing that frustrates me, then it is problems with the Internet. I realize now that I am more addicted than I thought. Our Internet was not working last night or this morning up until  now and I did not know what to do with myself. At one point I even played Solitaire :O SO, I think it is quite important that I do something non-technological this weekend.Something that will benefits others, and something OUTSIDE. Looking forward to this weekend

Plans for the weekend:

Meeting with my friend Marisha. She is a fellow blogger, and I am expecting great things. Will do a feature on her soon!

Watching series,eating pizza and chilling with the boyfriend for our 3 years and 7 months

Hopefully going to Uitsig Animal Rescue to lend a hand.

Having a braai at Louis’s house for his birthday

Sunday: Family braai at our house

1. Happy Birthday to my friend Daniel Hofmeyr


Birthday Celebrations this weekend:

So cute!

You will not believe it- but this post took 6 hours. I was unable to insert images in WordPress. But no one likes someone who complains the whole time. So yay for me for seeing it through. Just one hour until it is the weekend! Hopefully I will have a lot of time to blog this weekend! xxx

Blackcurrent Rooibos tea

Inspirational thought of the day:

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” Napoleon Hill

After making breakfast for my boyfriend before he goes to work, I usually go straight back to bed. Last night I decided do get some structure in my life. So I set up some kind of schedule that focuses specifically on my studies and writing. I have made the mistake before of expecting to much from myself in a 24 hour day. So I just allocated a few hours to everything that needs some attention daily.

At the moment it looks something like this:

Am: Write 1 hour   

           Study 1 hour

Pm: Read 2 hours  

         Write 1 hour

Evening:  Study 1 hour

                    Read 1 hour


So that all adds up to 7 hours of studying and focusing on my passion. When I am done with those tasks and I have time left I can spend it on doing anything I want, or even doing more work. I wanted to make if flexible, so that I do not get frustrated with myself, which happens oh so easily. If I have something else that needs to be done, I can always work around it. I can even decide to finish all the work after and then take off, but like I know myself, I need breaks, and a lot of them. hehe

Apart from this routine, my boyfriend and I will also be hitting the gym again, as well as follow the 4 Hour Body diet as we did a few months ago. Again, I might have bitten off too much, but next year I will have no choice but to work and study and look good. hehe.

So let us see how it goes, making it public might help with keeping up with it.

Funny picture of the day:




When you get too busy doing nothing

I am very ashamed to say that I have completely neglected my blog!

After watching Julie & Julia for the first time I got totally inspired with the passion for food, love and life. I do not know why I have been distracted with worrying about the things I cannot do. Instead, I have to focus on what is important to me.

It has always been writing, but with the passion comes the fear. The fear of failure, of course. If I do not take a chance I will not know. Recently I have also started cooking. I am still very very average, but I find it is an adventure as well as a form of relaxation. And the good thing is that you can get better and better at it.

So I am not promising go have posts every single day, but I needed to share that I feel inspired again. Maybe like Julie Powell, I need to find something that I can finish…


Die biblioteek bestaan nog

Die afgelope week het ek besluit dit is tyd dat ek weer drasties aan die lees kom. Hoe kan ek self ‘n skrywer wil word as ek nie kundig word oor die wereld van skryf nie? Ek het toe my Biblioteekkaart gaan hernu en dadelik 4 boeke uitgeneem. Aangesien Wilna Adriaanse my tutor is vir my skryfkunde kursus het ek besluit om nog een van haar boeke onder die oog te bring. Verder is ek skaam om te admit dat ek nog nie Andre P Brink se Kennis van die aand gelees het nie, so hy is ook nou tydelik op my rak. Niel se suster het vir my vertel van Susters van Eva deur Dalene Matthee, so dit was toe ook in my bib sakkie. Die boek wat ek toe wel teen die einde van die week voltooi het, is Harde Woorde deur Francois Bloemhof.

Van die begin af kon ek nie die boek neersit nie. Daar is iets aan die manier wat Bloemhof skryf wat ‘n mens aangryp. Dis eenvoudig maar tog stylvol. Dit is persoonlik, maar nie te persoonlik nie. Vir ‘n hele tydjie wonder ek nou al watter genre die beste by my skryfstyl sal pas, en deur die lees van die boek het dit net vir my begin sin maak.

Bloemhof se skryfstyl is vir my witty, dis uitdagend. Die karakters is baie goed afgerond, en ek is mal oor die feit dat die leser deurgans verskillende psiges kan betree, en so met ‘n ander oog na die werkinge van samelewing kan kyk. Die perspektiewe van die verskillende karakters was vir my geloofwaardig, dit het nie gevoel of hy net die minder belangrike karakters afgejaag het nie. Enige boek wat my hardop geluide laat maak, hetsy ek skrik, huil of lag- doen vir my iets reg.

Ekt ‘n hele paar jaar terug Klipgooi van Bloemhof gelees, en dit het my net so aangenaam verras. My volgende trip biblioteek toe sal beslis nog een van sy boeke insluit. Volgende is Susters van Eva deur Dalene Matthee.

Show me the Write way

At the moment I am going through a bit of a crisis. I have absolutely no certainty regarding my future profession.

I want to write


I want to make money

Now, those two things do not go together.  Although I am still studying I want to start making money so that I won’t be a complete failure with a degree. I don’t know how much a BA Humanities Degree means these days, because I cannot apply for any jobs reflecting my intellect. Not that I think waiters and cashiers don’t think or aren’t clever. I just feel that at the moment, something BIGGER awaits me. Something that will change the fact that I feel inferior about my writing.

I will write. Even if it just ends up being for myself.


I need a job, and I need help with that!

So if you happen to have any contact in the following industries: please email me;

Fictional Writing


Article Writing

Translation Afr/Eng

Internships at magazines

Bookshop casual

Photography assistant

Internships at newspapers



Bukowski inspired

Elke keer as ek voel ek kort iets om my te inspireer, dan maak Charles Bukowski my dag! Die manier wat hy met totale eerlikheid sy digkuns oordra, die manier wat hy nie omgee wat enige iemand van hom dink nie. So op hierdie Sondag middag met die Australian Open wat tot ‘n einde kom, en Almost Famous wat my weer bietjie driven maak- besluit ek om weer te begin blog. Of dit hierdie keer langer as ‘n week gaan hou, weet ek nie. But it’s worth a try.


As jy nog nie van Charles Bukowski gehoor het nie, dan is dit nog nie te laat nie,hehe. Sy poetry sal jou lewe verander.Oh, en die naam van my blog is natuurlik afkomstig van ‘n poem van hierdie vulgar maar eerlike man.

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“what?” they say, “you got a

it’s like I have sold out to
the enemy.

I had no idea so many
people were prejudiced

even two editors have
written me letters about
the computer.

one disparaged the
computer in a mild and
superior way.
the other seemed

I am aware that a
computer can’t create
a poem.
but neither can a

yet, still, once or
twice a week
I hear:
you have a

yes, I do
and I sit up here
almost every
sometimes with
beer or
and I work the
the damn thing
even corrects
my spelling.

and the poems
come flying
better than

I have no
idea what causes
all this

I want to go
the next step
beyond the
I’m sure it’s

and when I get
they’ll say,
“hey, you hear,
Chinaski got a


“yes, it’s true!”

“I can’t believe

and I’ll also have
some beer or
some wine
or maybe nothing
at all
and I’ll be
85 years old
driving it home
you and me
and to the little girl
who lost her
or her

Charles Bukowski

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