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Today’s Favourite Lookbook Looks

This whole look  is just perfection and it seems effortless. I think everyone should have a look similar to this in their cupboards. Whether you prefer a loose-fitting or tight sweater. The jewelery is not too much and the clutch bag brings a bit of colour to the casual. Olivia’s hair and laid back attitude completes this look. When you love what you are wearing, wear it with confidence! Check out more of Olivia and her style here.

This look from Kani is so patriotic. It is fine if you are focused on the trends around you, but there is nothing so trendy and special like adding your own personal touch/history of heritage to your overall look. I love the fact that these pants don’t kill the rest of the look. And how cute are the mini tarrot cards accessory? Check out more of Kani here .

Ooh, now here a perfect example of what to combine. The look is filled with light and heavy balanced out. The scarf and the jacket in the light pink and white works well with the denim shorts by shifting your attention up and down. The shoes are quite heavy but they are balanced out with the hat and handbag combination. Loving it Jennifer. Check out more of her looks here.

With this look I love all the different pattern combinations. Once again this is balanced out well with the white sweater as centre. The printed collar picks up theme again and with the small details in the shoes this look is very well-rounded. See more of Camille’s look here .

This outfit is so playful. The interesting cut of the top makes it less over powering. The colour of the hat is picked up again in the details of the pants. My favourite part of this look has to be the handbag. Chloe, even though you live in Melbourne, I will come for that bag. 🙂 See more of Chloe here.




My favourite lookbook looks today

I always find my fashion inspiration from Lookbook, not that I am daring enough in the least to actually wear similar clothes. Fashion really is a form of art, and I have great respect for those that use their bodies as a canvas. I always promise myself that I too, would one day be fashionable. 🙂

If you haven’t heard about Lookbook before, be sure to give this site a look. Extremely pretty and fashionable Normal  people like you and I get the chance to photograph and post the clothes and accessories that we are wearing. This way you can create an album of all you best looks and outfits and inspire others to buy that daring item in the shops.

So in the future I will be posting my favourite Lookbook looks for you to browse, who knows I might be featuring your look next. 🙂

1.What I love about this look is that it looks effortless yet detailed. The style is perfect for people with a petite built and you can make it your own by adding different accessories. Check out the rest of Ericke’s looks on lookbook here.

2. This is solidly about the shoes, not only are they my favourite colour, but the I love the added bow, it softens an already sharp/hard looking shoe. View the rest of her looks here.

3.How cute is this? It looks professional but still approachable. I Like the collar and cuff details and it is paired perfectly with the necklace. View more of Joanknee C ‘s looks on Lookbook, here.

4.This look by Christine is super cute and old school. I have always been a fan of the school uniform look. If you want to pull off a similar look, keep the length of the jersey and the dress in mind. You want to go for innocent school girl not vintage grandma. I love this haircut as well. View more of Christine’s looks here.

5. And for a bit of fashion man-candy. This guy,Adam, seriously has impeccable style, the perfect hair and an attitude that bursts through the photographs, whats not to like? View his ‘wardrobe’ here.

So that is 5 of my favourite looks for today to inspire you mid-day shopping(I’m still in my Pj’s and have no money to shop so someone has to).






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