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Show me the Write way

At the moment I am going through a bit of a crisis. I have absolutely no certainty regarding my future profession.

I want to write


I want to make money

Now, those two things do not go together.  Although I am still studying I want to start making money so that I won’t be a complete failure with a degree. I don’t know how much a BA Humanities Degree means these days, because I cannot apply for any jobs reflecting my intellect. Not that I think waiters and cashiers don’t think or aren’t clever. I just feel that at the moment, something BIGGER awaits me. Something that will change the fact that I feel inferior about my writing.

I will write. Even if it just ends up being for myself.


I need a job, and I need help with that!

So if you happen to have any contact in the following industries: please email me;

Fictional Writing


Article Writing

Translation Afr/Eng

Internships at magazines

Bookshop casual

Photography assistant

Internships at newspapers




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