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Inspirational thought of the day:

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” Napoleon Hill

After making breakfast for my boyfriend before he goes to work, I usually go straight back to bed. Last night I decided do get some structure in my life. So I set up some kind of schedule that focuses specifically on my studies and writing. I have made the mistake before of expecting to much from myself in a 24 hour day. So I just allocated a few hours to everything that needs some attention daily.

At the moment it looks something like this:

Am: Write 1 hour   

           Study 1 hour

Pm: Read 2 hours  

         Write 1 hour

Evening:  Study 1 hour

                    Read 1 hour


So that all adds up to 7 hours of studying and focusing on my passion. When I am done with those tasks and I have time left I can spend it on doing anything I want, or even doing more work. I wanted to make if flexible, so that I do not get frustrated with myself, which happens oh so easily. If I have something else that needs to be done, I can always work around it. I can even decide to finish all the work after and then take off, but like I know myself, I need breaks, and a lot of them. hehe

Apart from this routine, my boyfriend and I will also be hitting the gym again, as well as follow the 4 Hour Body diet as we did a few months ago. Again, I might have bitten off too much, but next year I will have no choice but to work and study and look good. hehe.

So let us see how it goes, making it public might help with keeping up with it.

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